WrittenbyJane showcases funny, heartfelt, and sometimes shocking sayings on drinkware, prints, clothing, bags and more!

WrittenByJane was born in 2017 and is for those awesome ladies who love coffee, tea and great design! I just wasn’t satisfied with all of the run of the mill Target and Walmart mugs/bags out there and wanted some super cute, funny, heartfelt, and even customizable ones instead. All of that in one? Okay maybe not but I was brainstorming in the right direction. Then I thought, why don’t I just come up with my own designs and put them on my favorite things. The rest is history.

In my designs you’ll see funny little characters, lots of florals, and unique sayings. You’ll also be able to find gifts for all of your friends and family. It’s exactly what I was looking for and I hope you’ll find what you want too.
A little more about me - I’m married to my soulmate whom I met at UCLA (go Bruins!). I love to create beautiful works of art using paint, calligraphy, iPad + Procreate, Adobe Illustrator, my handy dandy Cricut, and more. Living happy in sunny California. No puppies or babies yet but a girl can dream <3

I am following my true life's passion and I hope you enjoy what I create.


jane "@" writtenbyjane "DOT" com